Creating a Green Home: Designing an Energy-Efficient Living Room

With the government’s urge to lessen carbon footprint, more and more homeowners are finding ways to make their place energy efficient. If you want to do the same but you don’t know where to start, you might want to begin with your living room using these ideas.

1. Ditch the Fireplace

If you still burn wood in an open fireplace on cold nights, know that the smoke adds to carbon emission. So instead of throwing more logs there, why don’t you use a wood burning stove? You can hire a builder to convert the fireplace to make it an ideal spot for the new heating equipment.

Now, if you worry about less heat emanating in the room, you will be glad to know that stoves provide more warmth to large and open areas compared to open furnaces.

When it comes to available models, prices, and sizes, you can get in touch with a supplier, such as Stoves and Casts, to know your options. This way, you will know which model works well for your home.

As for the stove’s fuel, you can find great alternatives to coal and wood.

After knowing this option, you might be wondering if switching to a wood-burning stove is worth it. The answer is ‘yes’. It offers heat effectively and it uses renewable fuel. What’s more, it helps you lessen energy consumption, since you won’t have to use your radiator all the time.

If you’re interested in installing this heating equipment, check out the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide first to find out if there are installation requirements or standards.

2. Insulate Your House

To do this, you need to let builders construct cavity wall insulation, which helps cut annual heating expenses by up to 15 percent. This is owed to the fact that properly insulated walls keep heat from going out; thus, retaining warmth.

For your own guidance, check out the following resources.

If your home has a loft or an attic, request the builders to insulate these areas since they are prone to draft.

Now, if you worry about the installation cost, the government and local authorities offer grants and financial assistance. You can also take up offers from energy companies.

Installing a wood burning stove and wall cavity insulation – this home improvement tip might just help you reduce energy expenses by hundreds. Other than this, you can help make the world less polluted.

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