Checklist for Winterizing a House

If the idea of a good holiday comes to mind as the cold months set in, you have to make sure that your house is ready for it. After all, no one will enjoy the cool weather if everyone is freezing inside the house.

Aside from that, read this guide as this shows a list of tasks on how to make your house very cosy during the coming season. Be aware though that the following activities cannot be done in one night. You have to spend at least a week or more depending on how extensive the renovation or changes will be. You should write a checklist to keep up with your project.


Keeping yourself warm is the most crucial thing to do. Therefore, insulate exterior outlets and switch plates by using an inexpensive foam sealing gasket. You can also protect the hot water tank by using an insulating blanket. Then, cut a piece of fibreglass insulation and then put it in the fireplace behind the glass doors. This will block the cold air which will come down from the chimney. It is also imperative that you check the roof, attic, and loft insulation.

Heating system

To keep the heating and cooling systems in functional order you should do the following: furnace maintenance and thermostat checking. You should have the air filter, fuel in the furnace, heating vents, and carbon monoxide leaks checked if they are still okay. You should also clean your chimney of any debris. Now, if you are using a wood burning stove, make sure that you stock up on logs before snow completely render them useless.

Seal the windows

In winterizing your home, do not forget to seal gaps or cracks on windows by re-caulking them. For blocking the cold draft, you should install storm doors and windows. You should also weather strip doors.

With these home improvement ideas, your house will be warm and cosy come winter time.

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